What Works Project HomBuilding on the insights in the Tollan Letters, the way out for America and the world is presented in a three-part project brief: What Works Project – an Open Economic Initiatve. This “economic” initiaive stands in stark contrast to the “political” fixes (i.e. tax cuts, bail-out schemes, government spending programs) that the U.S. taxpayer is being billed for. Its strategy is based on assembling and networking economic prototypes from many places in the world, model systems that businesses and communities created together when faced with similar financial problems of their own. The What Works Project is a three-part strategy (three stage) which is being implemented based on these prototypes. The stategy centers around a city-region's economy when it is linked to the productive capacity of farms and factories which are linked to a business' workspace and community's marketplace. This constitutes the real economic engine of a land or people.